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Simac Tanning Tech 2021

September 22nd-24th 2021


What is "Assomac Talks"?

An event to showcase International Research Centers, Companies, Universities, influencers from the Industry of Fashion which will be presenting, through a flow of information, their contribution to Innovation and Technological Transfer.
The very first edition of “ASSOMAC TALKS” will take place during Simac Tanning Tech, the International Exhibitions of Machines and Technologies for Footwear, Leathergoods and Tanning Industry, in Milan from 22 to 24 of September 2021.
A dedicated area will be available at the and on a Simac Tanning Tech Social Media.

Event Schedule

In the first edition of “ASSOMAC TALKS” we have decided to invite 10 international Technological Centers and Institutions specialised in Footwear and Leather Processing Analytical services and Testing.
Each one of them presenting their latest R&D results, upcoming projects, and their perspective on the future of the Fashion Industry, showcasing a daily roundup of brief presentations.
Each day a digital round table will follow, with the engagement of the presenters answering targeted questions placed by ASSOMAC, focusing on: “Fashion & Technology”, “Sustainability & Measuring” and “ITA Service Technology Centres Ecosystem”.
Furthermore, through the orators’ profiles on the “Simac Tanning Tech 2021 APP”, you will have the chance to get in contact directly to place further queries and share contact details with these institutions.

September 22nd • 2 PM CET
Fashion & Technology

Fashion has always faced the challenge of continuous innovation. New concepts, new colors, new trends, new materials are the vital essence of a sector that has always been devoted to innovation, but today, more than ever, it is called to reconcile the need for change with that of sustainability.

Unlike other purely creative sectors, Fashion is a hybrid between material and immaterial, between creativity and technology, a so-called Hybrid Creative Product (HCP). Product and technological innovation are therefore integrated in a symbiotic way: on one hand, technological innovation is led by new concepts and new trends emerging from consumer markets, but on the other hand, creative and product innovation extends its potential thanks to technological innovation that provides new materials and new processes.

In this session we want to explore how technology is expanding the possibilities of creatives, supporting them with new solutions. How much will the fashion of the future be the result of the technological research of the present?

Ricardo Guerra Sanchez

General Director

CIATEC, Centro de Innovación Aplicada en Tecnologías Competitivas (Mexico)

Maria Josè Ferreira

Research Director

CTCP, Centro Tecnológico do Calçado de Portugal (Portugal)

Eduardo Calabuig Barbero

Sudbirector Advanced Manufacturing

INESCOP, Footwear Technology Centre (Spain)

September 23rd • 12 AM CET
Sustainability & Measuring

Until recently, the concept of Sustainability was applied with a binary logic: a product is or is not sustainable. The great technological advances but also the growing sensitivity towards this issue on the part of the consumer suggest a more realistic and also more pragmatic approach.

Sustainability is a path that involves several steps and, implicitly, different levels of compliance. What was sustainable yesterday is no longer sustainable today, and what is sustainable today will not be sustainable tomorrow.

In this new approach it becomes therefore essential to find and adopt sustainability measurement processes that are objective and international standards: establishing the level of sustainability allows us to recognize sustainability not as an end point but as an ongoing process, both by companies and consumers.

How is technology supporting the measurement of sustainability? How can we recognize the degree of sustainability of a product?

Tommaso Cancellara

General Manager

CIMAC Laboratori e Certificazioni al servizio di DPI, Dispositivi Medici, Fashion Industry, Beni di consumo, Sport & Outdoor, Materie Prime (Italy)

I.CE.C, Istituto di Certificazione della Qualità per l'Industria Conciaria (Italy)

Lu Hua

Director of Footwear

CLIA, China Leather Industry Association (China)

Elena Orgilés Calpena

Subdirector Materials & Technology

INESCOP, Footwear Technology Centre (Spain)

Maria Josè Ferreira

Research Director

CTCP, Centro Tecnológico do Calçado de Portugal (Portugal)

Michael Bodsworth

Executive Director

SATRA Technology Centre (UK)

September 24th • 12 AM CET
ITA Service Technology Center

Is it possible to activate forms of promotion and networking in favor of Italian companies of the Fashion industry, helping them in developing their business and at the same time activating virtuous mechanisms that reduce the disparities between the so-called “developing countries” and “developed/industrialized countries”?

A way forward has been opened by ASSOMAC and ITA/ICE Agency for several years, with a systemic model that is certainly “alternative business model” and capable of creating long-term relationships and “making a bridge” connecting the Italian industry, represented by ASSOMAC, and the foreign counterparts: “Centres of Technological Services”.
Let’s understand how a Service & Technology Center works and what are the advantages for Italian companies.

How can the technology centre become a cooperation hub between local and Italian enterprises, through the technological and training opportunities offered and implemented by the centre itself?

Damiano Francovigh

First Counsellor

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI)

Amedeo Scarpa


ITA Dubai Office

Phan Thi Thanh Xuan

General Secretary

Italy Vietnam Footwear Technology Center, IVTC – LEFASO

Roberto Luongo

General Manager

ICE (Italy)

Lt Col Ahmed Fawad Farooq

CEO IPFTC and Secretary General PFMA

Italy Pakistan Footwear Technology Centre, IPFTC – PFMA (Pakistan)

Alessandro Liberatori


ITA New Delhi Office

Cav. S.S. Kumar

Chairman, Board of Governors

Tanning Training & Service Centre, TTSC – GCELT

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A chance for the Public to access information, delivered by experts in an extraordinary location of Simac Tanning Tech – on digital platform.


A unique occasion for dissemination and promotion of actual results of cutting-edge technologies, moreover, to create a direct link for business opportunities!


Be a part of this worldwide community of Innovators and Makers and support the creation of a powerful network between businesses and Academia/Research Centers.

Assomac Talks are hosted by

Enrico Cietta

Enrico Cietta, economist, has been involved in research and strategic consulting in the fashion and creative industries for over 20 years. He has written several books published in various countries around the world on the management of companies and production/distribution chains. He has taught at Bocconi University, at the Catholic University of Milan, and at the Sole 24 Ore business school. He is now one of the leading experts in Fashion Economics and has created the HCP (Hybrid Creative Products) theory, which has been the basis for his lecturing and consulting activities for small, medium and large companies in more than 20 countries.

Matteo Pasca

Matteo Pasca is CEO of Edizioni AF, the most important Italian B2B publishing house in the footwear, handbags and tannery sector. General Manager of Arsutoria School, an international training school based in Milan specialized in the design, planning and production of shoes and bags with a teaching factory inside. Engineer by training, proud to have been part of Arthur Andersen in the organizational and technological consulting division, attended MBA in general management, landed in the industry for love.

Alice Vago

After graduating in Textile Technology and working in a lining company as Executive Director in the Marketing & Style Department, Alice found herself fascinated by the dynamics of running an office, and the different ways of planning and designing a business. She is now Project Manager at P.I.S.I.E., International Polytechnic Institute for Industrial and Economic Development.

Simac Tanning Tech 2021

September 22nd-24th, 2021